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Environmental home delivery of cooked foods class was carried out in Sasaohigashi Elementary School

[June 22, 2018]

 Home delivery of cooked foods class to regard environmental problem as garbage in Sasaohigashi Elementary School on Tuesday, June 5 was carried out. It is fourth grader child to have participated. Lecturer is Yoshie Yaguchi and Kazuo Toda of general Yokkaichi University energy environmental education workshop. When we compared quantity of national garbage with quantity of garbage which Toin Townspeople took out per day and introduced garbage separation method that we could recycle, there was lecture about weight loss of garbage.
 As for the children, which "we do not leave food" answered question how could reduce garbage with "we use thing carefully".

Environmental learning
Garbage reduction method


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Home delivery of cooked foods class environmental in Sasaohigashi Elementary School is route according to line waremashitaheno