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The musical sixth from Toin Town! "Toin Central Park story" (tentative title)

[May 2, 2018]

Musical audition held decision from Toin Town!

Business of the 30th anniversary of the Toin Town general Cultural Center opening

Townspeople participation type musical sixth holding is decided!

Tears and laughter and musical of impression that drama group local superstars develop with local performer of very popular general open call for participants every year.

Impression together that in 2018 as for you again…! We look forward to application of everybody with hot feeling!


State of musical of last year

On the audition date

Saturday, July 14 10:00 ...

※We will tell about the details such as time by email.

※As you tell about reception desk number at the time of application, you transcribe reception desk number and full name, and please send to the Social Education Division by application daily allowance day or the next day. (we do not use address for purpose except the musical concerned)

※When schedule is inconvenient, please contact.


Toin Town Budokan


The third kind of performance, song, dance

※[performance, dance] On the day we announce problem in venue.

※[song] Free music (please sing one piece of favorite music. Person needing karaoke take CD.)


①Clothes and shoes (as for wearing, impossible the outside) which dance is easy to make

②CD (necessary one)

※As we take taking a lunch break rest, we recommend that we have you bring lunch, drink.

Offer capacity

30 people

Application qualification, condition

  • Person of neighborhood municipalities residence or working and person who likes Toin Town
  • Experience does not matter. Person (the exercise number of times is going to increase more from performance two months ago) who can participate in exercise of 2-3 days a week from about August
  • Person who can go to exercise venue by pickup and drop-off such as you or protector
  • Because there is night exercise, less than high school student are protector that agreement and pickup and drop-off are necessary
  • Person of position got approval from position group, and apply for theatrical company, office
  • Please note that right or wrong of appearance is decided at exercise stage even if you pass audition

Performance schedule

Saturday, November 24, 25th Sunday ※Three times performance (plan)

Application method

You fill in matter necessary for the following application, and, after photograph attachment, please submit to Toin Town synthesis Cultural Center window.

Deadline for application

It must arrive by Friday, July 6


Thursday, July 19


511-0251 Toin-cho, Inabe-gun, Mie larger section of a village Yamada 1700

The Board of Education Social Education Division (the Toin Town synthesis Cultural Center)


Musical audition offer essential point, application from Toin Town

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Sponsorship / Toin Town, Toin Town Board of Education 



Toin Town Government Board of Education Social Education Division Life-long learning section

Telephone: 0594-86-2816 fax: 0594-86-2854

E-mail: sha‹y@twŽNtiŽNŒgNŠp

The musical sixth from Toin Town! The other route to "Toin Central Park story" (tentative title)