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Toin plum topics, Toin Town assembly broadcast guidance

[September 20, 2018]

ID: 2291

From Friday, September 21 to Thursday, September 27 Toin plum topics

Toin plum topics broadcast content

From Friday, September 21 to Monday, October 1 Toin Town assembly broadcast

Toin Town assembly broadcast

Toin plum channel YouTube

We have overlooked broadcast. We want to see once again. Have you not thought so?
Plum topics that closed down delivers on the Internet.
Check it out!

Toin plum channel YouTube


Person in charge of Toin Town general affairs department Policy making divition public information secretary

Telephone: 0594-86-2862

Fax: 0594-86-2850

Of phone number please be careful to run wrong!

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