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Chairperson greetings

[March 26, 2018]

Greetings of the chairperson

The 67th chairperson
 Masahiko Shimada

 We always have understanding to town assembly, cooperation and are very grateful to all of you. We will be ordered the chairperson. We feel that the body is tightened to weight of the responsibility. With member of the Diet activity as representative of conventional Townspeople, we will act for fairness and smooth assembly administration as the chairperson.

 Toin Town which reached the town organization enforcement 50th anniversary fixes its eyes on the future in 2017, and, aiming at further development, around Hokusei Line Toin Station development, maintenance of new combustible waste incineration facilities are pushed forward and are thinking that it is problem that will be important to cooperation with neighborhood municipalities from now on.

 In low birthrate and aging, social phenomenon of population decline, we take example with financial status well and we grasp needs of Townspeople changing every day precisely and it has top priority by comfortable living of Townspeople and will wrestle by cause all energy of dual source representation.

 Please support more understanding in future.

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