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March, 2018

[December 28, 2017]

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Mayor blog

About March 12, 2018 Toin station square development

The last regular assembly is held now in 2017. Honcho was year of knot of the 50th anniversary of the town organization enforcement last year. It is at year of start of coming 50 years, and do in severe social conditions, financial status this year, but well to the future must make a strategic movement.

 15 years passed after Hokusei Line which linked Inabe-shi Ageki after Honcho from Kuwana was transferred from financial difficulties of Kintetsu to Sangi Railway, and, 13 years ago, it merged previous Roppano Station and Kitaoyashiro Station, and Toin Station was established afterwards at the middle. There was administrative area including government office to number 100m from station, but regulation was severe, and this station square area whole area was not able to readily touch hand for development partly because it was said with for agricultural use place of agriculture promotion area.
  However, understanding of related organizations of country and prefecture would be got by tenacious approach of the staff, and prospect that could admit local whole area approximately 37ha with government office Government building into area designated for urbanization from around Toin Station stood. We decided to use technique called private development that private business person constructed center approximately 18ha, and admission to area designated for urbanization of this ground decided the company which had it be to business partner of we administration at the beginning of this year.

 We are thinking that it is important that we have function for many problem solutions that Honcho has by this development.

For example,
Function to play a key role of living and economic activities of 1 Townspeople
Function that we can send good Toin Town to inside and outside two towns
Function to promote Sasao that 3 aging is remarkable, circulation of person of Shiroyama district (large-scale housing development)
Including 4 existing facilities, it is the welfare and function as medical base
Function that can contribute to administration of Hokusei Line that deficit operation continues by maintenance of 5 residential spaces
Giving function to move, and to maintain 6 timeworn Toin first junior high schools, and to use existing facility in common, and to utilize

 It becomes area maintenance to take role that is important to Toin Town in the future on.
 Other than residential area, plan commercial zone and medical care, welfare zone, school facility, and age groups which are wide from child to elderly person live a life, and private development area can be active; is thinking that local. Therefore, we are thinking that ensuring safety of walker is important and want to discuss with company to push forward town planning to be able to live on foot.

 Because council for Mie city planning having you finally argue about admission to this area designated for urbanization is going to hold in next July, it is schedule hard at all to have to provide conclusion including agreement of ground incarnation by then.
It wants to face for readiness of indomitable resolve to let this big business that makes the cooperation system with business partner of private development area well, and is connected in the bright future of Toin Town succeed.


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