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Local tax payment system

[October 26, 2018]

ID: 4840

With Local tax payment system

When we contribute to local public entity thinking that tax payer having feeling to want to contribute to "oldness" that wants to support "hometown" is with "oldness", we set a ceiling of the 20% degree from individual residence tax, and "Local tax payment system" is the donation taxation system to subtract contribution amount of money. (for ※ income tax, system to perform deductions from income of contribution amount of money is established particularly.)
We have person who can support Toin Town, Toin Town which can have understanding for measure utilize by all means this system, and I would like contribution in Toin Town.


Summary of Local tax payment system

  1. Person who is targeted for subtraction: Personal residence tax with duty to pay tax
  2. Range of local public entity targeted for subtraction: All metropolis and districts or municipality
  3. Contribution amount of money to be targeted for subtraction: 2, contribution amount of money of part more than 000 yen
  4. Subtraction method: Tax credit method
  5. The upper limit of deduction: It is limit at 20% degree of personal residence tax income percent
  6. Procedure: It is necessary to have you do final income tax return.


Application for contribution

Please apply by predetermined contribution application. Please send contribution application by mail, fax, E-mail to General Administration Division.


Acquisition method of contribution application

We have you download contribution application or mail application if you can contact General Administration Division by telephone, fax.

Contribution application


Remittance method

We would like either of "remittance with payment notice" or "remittance by money sent by registered mail". In the case of contribution application, remittance method, please fill either in by all means.


◆In the case of "remittance with payment notice"

As you mail payment notice from Toin Town after the contribution application receipt, appointed financial institution has the payment notice, and please transfer.
* Financial institution which is available for remittance with payment notice
Each book, branch window more than Hyakugo Bank, Mie Bank, Daisan Bank, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Chukyo Bank, Aichi Bank, Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Kuwana Shinkin Bank, Tokai workers' credit union, triple north agricultural cooperative
Japan Post Bank (post office)


◆In the case of "remittance by money sent by registered mail"

After the contribution application receipt, we inform of confirmation from Toin Town. Please mail to Toin Town afterwards.

  • I am sorry to trouble you, but please note that it should be burden on person having you contribute about the postage.
  • Because you are necessary, in the case of final income tax return, please keep receipt carefully.


Local tax payment one stop exception system

If the number of local governments performing Local tax payment is less than 5 groups with Local tax payment one stop exception system, final income tax return that is necessary for subtraction by application is system to become needless.


Inflection method of donation

When we have you contribute, donation can appoint the utilization method.

※Based on purpose you like, we utilize donation, but you want and may not attach when we have utilization methods of concrete business to have nothing to do with town directly fill out.
※As you do not plan the handling of "contribution of the effect that "hopes for return when donation cannot conjugate according to purpose" with burden" for this donation, please note.
※We may inform of any questions from town.


Improvement of welfare

We perform various furtherance for town development that is easy to perform child care and inflect for welfare work.

Improvement of welfare

Improvement of public transport

We utilize to community bus which is support of Sangi Railway Hokusei Line which is local foot and everyday means of transportation.

Improvement of public transport

Improvement of education contents and school facility

We perform support that we put together in each person's needs including support of child student needing conduct and individual guidance of small number of people education.

Improvement of education contents and school facility

Improvement of disaster prevention measures

We plan reinforcement of firefighting first aid duties.

Improvement of disaster prevention measures


In addition, we aim at agriculture activation of support and Toin Town to child Kabuki that child plays a key role and performs publicly and perform "joy agriculture" demonstrating fruit tree cultivation business.



Person in charge of Toin Town general affairs department General Administration Division general affairs administration of property

Telephone: 0594-86-2800

Fax: 0594-86-2850

Of phone number please be careful to run wrong!

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