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About color barrier-free tool (homepage reading support software)

[August 28, 2018]

ID: 3367

To use homepage comfortably

 Toin Town homepage copes with homepage reading support tool "UDcolor" so that person with impaired sense of color and color which is hard to be able to be distinguished can use homepage comfortably.
 It is easy to see color by installing "UDcolor" in PC you have and converts and we spread and display letter and image and can read.
 One that you wish to use clicks the following icon, and please download from "UDcolor" site.

UDcolor downloading

UDcolor downloading

List of functions

■It is easy to see color and converts (filter function)
■It is easy to look at letter, image and increases (extended function)
■We detect place that it is hard to look at on screen (radar function)
■Indication of sexual desire report
■Customized function

※UDcolor can use Internet Explorer at the time of the use.
※We can use UDcolor only on site supporting UDcolor. Homepage of Toin Town supports UDcolor.


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Telephone: 0594-86-2862

Fax: 0594-86-2850

Of phone number please be careful to run wrong!

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