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Guidance of orange bus

[February 26, 2018]

Guidance of orange bus


Orange bus


Fare of orange bus

Regardless of section 100 yen (one time of ※ transfer for free)
Preschool child is free

※We sell coupon, support pass (commuter pass)

Coupon, support pass (commuter pass)


The public

11 pieces of spelling / 1,000 yen

Student discount

13 pieces of spelling / 1,000 yen

Support pass (commuter pass)

One month fixed period

2,000 yen

Three months fixed period

5,000 yen

Coupon sale place

Orange bus inside of car, Toin Station, Hokusei-Chuokoenguchi Station, Kanesue Toin store, supasanshi Kuwana shop, one Tachi Toin shop, Piago Toin shop, Aeon Mall Toin, Toin Town Government, Sasao contact office

Support pass (commuter pass) sale place

Toin Station, Toin Town Government, Sasao contact office


How to get on orange buses

Route and diamond changed from October 1, 2016!

New orange bus timetable (October 1, 2016 revision)

We go by orange bus! Spring Toin Town <cherry tree walk>

The ride results of orange bus

The number of the orange bus rides

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Person in charge of Toin Town Government general affairs department Policy making divition policy

Telephone: 0594-86-2811 fax: 0594-86-2858

E-mail: seisa‹u@twŽNtiŽNŒgNŠp

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