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Paid advertisement offer

[April 27, 2016]

ID: 734

We raise advertisements from everybody!

We raise advertisements to place in the "Press Toin" "town homepage" "orange bus inside of car" at any time. Please contact person in charge of public information secretary for advertisement that publication is examined.

  Person in charge of Toin Town Government Policy making divition public information secretary

  Telephone: 0594-86-2862 Fax: 0594-86-2858


Basic summary

Application (common)




Press Toin

We issue every month on first Friday and distribute public information paper "Press Toin" of town to families in the town block through residents' association.
Publication contents place news, camera reportage from administration, various news and news, various information including leader of my family.
We can read "Press Toin" (we open with window) from homepage.

Press Toin

Press Toin issuance summary

Appearance    Cover, back cover for A4 and op-ed page 4 color printing and others are 2 color printing
We issue on issuance number of times once a month (12 times a year), every month first Friday
Approximately 8,700 copies of circulations
The Toin Town (we distribute through residents' association) of distribution, other related organizations


Insertion charges

The Press Toin 1 area
・A advertisement 5cm in height X 6cm in width ⇒ 10,000 yen
・B advertisement 5cm in height X 10cm in width ⇒ 15,000 yen
・C advertisement 5cm in height X 17cm in width ⇒ 20,000 yen

"Press Toin" pay publication advertisement offer essential point

Essential point


Town homepage

Top page image image

Insertion page

Toin Town homepage top page

※Publication position of advertisement becomes the page lower berth mentioned above. In addition, publication position may change by change of layout.
※Please see real page.
※We cannot appoint publication order of advertisement.


The number of access

Approximately 22,000 access / months (the mean number for 12 months in 2015.)
※It is the number of access only for top page. In addition, these data are reference and do not guarantee the number of monthly access.


Insertion charges

5,000 yen (monthly basis)
※It is 1 or can apply per one application monthly for up to one time.
※Insertion charges become collective payment in advance.


Advertisement standard

・170 pixels of size ... length 50 pixels X side
・Form ... GIF (animation, transparent GIF impossibility), JPEG, PNG
・Data capacity ... 4KB or less


Banner insertion offer essential point

Essential point


The orange bus inside of car

Orange bus is town-managed community bus. Even if fare is carried to where, for 100 yen, preschool child is free. We divide the town into morning and evening service and lunch service and travel in 7 days a week. Besides, we prepare coupon, support pass (commuter pass).
In addition, we go to main supermarket, hospital, station, public facilities. In the case of outing including shopping and going to hospital, please use orange bus.


Standard of advertisement

The upper right window side of publication place ... inside of car line
Publication size ... B4 bantate* (364mm in height X 257mm in width)


Insertion rate and period

One month 1,500 yen
Three months 3,000 yen
Six months 5,000 yen
※Publication is until the last day from the first day of publication month.
※Amount of money is price per one piece of advertisement.


Orange bus (community bus) inside of car pay publication advertisement offer essential point

Essential point



About advertisement contents

About advertisement that application was in, we examine in "Toin Town advertisement screening committee" and notify applicant of necessity or not of publication after the decision.



Person in charge of Toin Town general affairs department Policy making divition public information secretary

Telephone: 0594-86-2862

Fax: 0594-86-2850

Of phone number please be careful to run wrong!

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